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Time flies when you’re having fun
Y’all…can you believe it’s October! Halloween is just around the corner, followed by Thanksgiving, then Christmas. Wow! You know how busy the holiday season can get, between football, parties, and family gatherings. Whew! I’m tired just thinking about it. It can be easy to get caught up in all the excitement and then realize you haven’t made that holiday hair appointment…don’t let that happen to you! Call or go online today to make sure your hair is on point all season long!

Fall Hair Color Trends!

ColorHave fun with your hair color
As summer winds down and visions of pumpkin spice lattes start dancing in your head, it’s also time to revisit your hair color and freshen it up for the new season. According to Elle, there are 5 hair color trends to try this fall.
  1. Warm and Sunny. To adapt your summery surfer girl look for cooler weather, consider going slightly darker with a shade somewhere “between beach-y blonde and brunette.” Ask for “golden highlights like the autumn leaves.”
  2. Deep Red. Go for a pop of color on your head with a rich red shade. It’s easy to transition brunettes to this color if they are looking to brighten it up for fall. To get this red right, ask your stylist “to add warm cinnamon tones” to your hair.
  3. Warm Chocolate. A glossy mahogany mane is very attainable and is a great option for natural brunettes wanting to “enrich and spice up their color.” Deeper tones like nutmeg will take basic brown from so-so to sultry.
  4. Sweet Sorbet. Looking for something a bit more offbeat? Consider primary colors. These eye-catching tones are “bolder and more expressive” and the next evolution in pastels.
  5. Silver Fox. Now is the time to consider going prematurely grey. There is an increased demand for shades from dark slate and charcoal to pale silver and grey platinum. “There is something very contemporary about a grey hue.”
In August, theBeautyshop girls completed part 2 of a class on color-correction with Coco Cootsillas, one of Wella’s lead colorists. If you’re thinking about updating your color for fall, or maybe your summer highlights are starting to look a little brassy, give us a call today. Let us show you what we learned!

It’s Time to Save Some Money!

surfcomber_tousled_texture_mosse_1Discount Alert!
Only for the month of August, get 10% off Oribe’s Surfcomber Tousled Texture Mousse or Curl Shaping Mousse at theBeautyshop. Texturize your locks with the Surfcomber Mousse to create that perfectly imperfect separation for an effortlessly tousled look. Or lock in your curls while leaving them supple and shiny but never stiff with the Curl Shaping Mousse.
As always, follow us on Facebook and watch for discounts on services from select stylists!

We Keep on Growing!

New Employee Spotlight
Let’s give a big welcome to our two newest members of theBeautyshop family, Anita Garcia and Casey Leigh Cason!

Anita Garcia is from Glendale, Arizona and is a graduate of the Avalon School of Cosmetology in Phoenix, Arizona. She loves everything about this industry and has a passion for helping people to feel their most beautiful. Anita moved to Columbus in February and currently works on the floor as assistant to stylist, Trish King.

Casey Leigh Cason is a Columbus native and a graduate of Georgia Northwestern Technical College in Rome, Georgia. She has known since she was a little girl that she wanted to pursue a career in the beauty industry. Thanks to her talent and flair, she’ll be a big success. Casey Leigh is currently working at theBeautyshop as a stylist and is accepting new clients.

IMG_0577 copy

Casey Leigh

IMG_0579 copy




Happy Birthday Misty!

13151630_10209832953686829_7217518237260340745_nLet’s Party….
On May 2nd, Misty will turn 40! That’s a big birthday milestone and her family at theBeautyshop wish her the best birthday ever. Misty is a wonderful person, a fantastic boss, beautiful inside and out, and deserves all the birthday blessings that come her way!
Happy Birthday! We love you!

Color Outside the Lines

Be Bold!
Did you get brave and attempt to color your hair yourself and it didn’t come out quite right? Or maybe you are just looking to add some excitement to your hair color. Either way, you’re in luck because theBeautyshop girls took an awesome class in March on the latest color correction techniques! Make an appointment today to see what we learned and how we can help you make your hair dreams come true!

Happy Birthday to Us!

untitledLet’s Party
On March 6, 2017, theBeautyshop will turn 5 years old! What a milestone! The past 5 years have been amazing! We’ve made friends we now call family, met some of the kindest, most interesting people, and hopefully, have made a difference in the lives of our customers. We could not have done it without all of our wonderful clients and our awesome team. Thank you to everyone that has become a part of theBeautyshop family. We love you!

Sun Protection Q & A! 

We’ve got you covered…
While spring is still several weeks away, you really need to think about sun protection all year long, not just in the warmer seasons! The Jane Iredale line at theBeautyshop has everything you need to keep your pretty face out of harm’s way.
What is an SPF rating? 
Sun Protection Factor (SPF) indicates how long it will take for ultraviolet B (UVB) rays to redden your skin when you use a sun protection product, compared to how long the skin would take to redden without the product. So, the SPF number gives you some idea of how long you can stay in the sun without burning. For example, if you normally burn in 10 minutes without sunscreen and you’ve applied a liberal dose of a sunscreen with an SPF number of 15, you should be protected from sunburn for 150 minutes. This does not mean that you are protected from other radiation damage. A broad spectrum sunscreen is required to give protection in the UVA range as well. An SPF rating does not measure Ultraviolet A (UVA) protection.  Many Jane Iredale products are made to keep your skin protected with an SPF of 15 or higher and all Jane Iredale sunscreen products are water resistant for up to 40 minutes.  Remember…no tan is a safe tan! You only have one face! Come by theBeautyshop to stock up on Jane Iredale skin care supplies today!

8 Hair Trends for 2017

 happy-new-year-wishes-best-wishes-images-01New and Shiny…
Looking to be on-point with your 2017 hair style? Read on for the latest hair trends!
1. Super Sleek – Break out your flat iron-straight, shiny, and center-parted hair is one of the biggest trends for 2017.
2. The High Pony– Slick your hair up. All the way up. The high ponytail adds both an elegance and ease to every ensemble.
3. Flat Waves – Neither beachy nor bouncy, flat iron waves are the new curling iron waves.
4. Growing-Out Shag – The shag was the surprising hit haircut in 2016. But those layers and bangs have to grow out sometime. In 2017, we’ll see the beautiful result of that. With hair that hits just past the shoulders and bangs that are long enough to be split down the middle, the grown-out shag is the haircut to keep an eye on this year.
5. Cher Hair – Ultra-long extensions aren’t going anywhere.
6. The Hair Flip – The easiest hairstyle trend to copy this year? The hair flip. All it requires is you to flip your hair from one side to the other, creating tons of volume as a result.
7. Slick and Shiny – Slick, shiny hair that only looks like its sopping wet is a 2017 hair trend that can look just as good off the runway and in real life.
8. Golden Bronde – In some lighting it’s blonde. In others it’s golden brown. This transformative hair color trend is called golden bronde.


Thanksgiving Hair Prep    

Gobble till you wobble…
Everyone thinks Thanksgiving prep has to do with food, right? Maybe so, but you also need to think about your hair for the big day. After all, you’re going to be gorging on quite a few calories so you need to be comfortable. Think no-fuss hairstyles that will carry you through the day.
Try one of these for effortless style:
1. French Braid
2. Messy Bun
3. High Ponytail
4. A Scarf or Headband