Meet Our Team


Misty Mickelson: Owner/Hair Stylist

  My earliest memories have brought me to where I am today. I have a picture of myself sitting on the kitchen counter with my aunt giving me my first haircut and I remember my dad giving my grandma perms. I even spent a summer with my cousin who owned a barbershop. I do what I love and I love what I do! I am  thankful I get to share that with my guests, co-workers, friends, but most importantly with my business partner, best friend, my love, my husband.

Trish King: Hair Stylist

  One of the best feelings is enjoying what you do and I truly love making my guest feel beautiful! As an apprentice I really got to learn all of the “tricks of the trade” from a wonderful teacher. Now, as a stylist, I get to employ all of that knowledge and share it with my guests. I am very blessed to work with such a great, supportive team.


Angel Krug: Stylist Apprentice

Kasi Griffeth: Hair Stylist/Make-up Artist

  Although I  didn’t know that I wanted to do hair until high school, looking back over the years you would think it would have been a red flag that this was what I was meant to do! On more than one occasion I’d talk my  little sister into letting me cut her  hair in the bathroom. Or like getting caught not paying attention in class because I would be  snipping on my own split ends Or shaping friends eyebrows! I “LOVE” what I do and feel very blessed to have found out at such an early age that this was for me. I am so grateful for my loyal clients , an awesome team of stylist and the beautiful salon I get to come to everyday and do my “Dream Job”.

Carrie Youngblood: Stylist Apprentice

Maria Foust: Hair Stylist

There’s just something about coming to a salon and getting your hair done- it makes you feel renewed. As a stylist, it’s an amazing feeling to have a hand in that process. I love making people feel and look beautiful.

Danyaul Crawford: Hair Stylist

Alex Jones: Hair Stylist/Make-up Artist

  I was raised right here in Columbus,GA. My passion for work is unlimited and my skills grow with every opportunity. The Beauty shop has been a great place to learn and continue to grow.

Rhonda VanHorn: Hair Stylist

  What a blessing to do what I truly love everyday! I knew from and early age that I wanted to do hair. I have had my fair share of too short bangs and having to grow up with pin curls and perms. Yes, I was a product of the 80s! I started this journey 27 years ago, but it became my full time passion eighteen years ago.


Valline Bailey: Stylist Apprentice

Whitney Wright: Hair Stylist/Make-up Artist

  I like hair dressing not only for the aspect of making people beautiful but also for the journey, starting out with something and changing it to something different. Hair is an art form, a canvas, and a transformation.


Maxanna Gillenwaters: Hair Stylist

Anna is a 2016 graduate of the cosmetology program at Columbus Technical College. She is excited to begin her career in the field of cosmetology. Anna enjoys keeping up with ever-changing industry trends and wants her clients to have not just beautiful hair, but also healthy hair.


Jo Crawford: Front Desk Coordinator

I was born in Columbus, Ga and returned to the area after my husband’s military retirement. The Beauty shop is such a fun place to work for a people person like myself. I enjoy getting to know so many fabulous people.

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